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     Sponsors currently include companies outside of and within the racing market. Sponsoring Young Blood racers is great for a new business trying to get your name out or any business that needs a client boost.


     We are currently accepting sponsorship for the 2009 Motorcycling Roadracing Assoctaion (MRA) race season. Our team is made up of four racers. Each team member will proudly display your companies name and logo on their bike, truck, and trailer (depending on level of sponsorship). Top sponsor will have option of having bikes and gear match your company color scheme.


     In 2009, we will be traveling an estimated 5000 miles

(at minimum) between Colorado, Nebraska, Utah and Nevada. The bikes are towed on open trailers and will be seen by everyone on the road. This guarantees advertisement for your company in any environment the team travels to, whether it be a practice event or a schedule race weekend. Not to mention advertisement to the several hundred racers and spectators at each event.


     At each race, the commentators will describe the sponsors for each racer. Each sponsor within the Young Blood Team has the potential to be announced up to four times PER race. The team sponsors are also displayed along with each racers standings following the completion of each race in the main office. Racers and spectators are

consistantly comparing results and standings,

increasing team sponsor publicity.


Please contact us to start discovering the unique methods we could use to promote your business and increase your revenue.


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