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Chicane Trackdays was born out of the idea that sportbike riders in Colorado should have a place to go where they have an opportunity to use the capabilities of their machines in a safe and legal environment. Each day is carefully arranged to make this idea a reality. Trained track staff, emergency medical services and instructors are available at each event to increase your enjoyment of the day.

Owner, Scott Rybarik, did his first motorcycle trackday in 2002 and quickly became addicted. Soon a dedicated track bike was purchased and more than a week between events was too much. This was in the heyday of Colorado tracks with 5 tracks in range of Denver all offering some kind of track time. As the years passed facilities closed and the availability of track time became more and more scarce.

This all reached a low point in 2005 when only 1 track was available in the region. Today we are fortunate to see Pikes Peak International Raceway re-open and the opening of a new track called High Plains Raceway on the horizon.

Chicane Trackdays is made up of a dedicated group of people all committed to making your trackday the best possible experience. We coordinate everything to make events run seamlessly and efficiently.

We are proud to work with Team Young Blood Racing and Vanmar Racing to provide some of the best instruction available regardless of your riding level. We are equally pleased to be able to offer Michelin tires at the track for your convenience.