Casey Report 4

Race 4 Pueblo Colorado 06/28-06/29


Coming off a rough weekend in Hastings, I really wanted to get some decent finishes in Pueblo to stay in the points running for my Amateur classes. The rest of the field has been stepping up their game, and I knew it would require me to run my fastest times yet just to try and keep up.

Friday practice turned out to be very beneficial. I didn’t get much riding time but I was able to fix a problem before it caused a major head-ache. After getting the bike off the trailer and setting up a canopy for the 100 degree Pueblo sun, I headed out to the track. Right off the bat, I realize my bike wont rev over 13,000 RPMs. Being very frustrated, I headed back into the pits. I first started asking people around me, getting responses from the trouble being anything from my Dyno-Jet map to my clutch. With these random suggestions, I realized exactly what I needed to do. With that, I headed down to talk to Faster.

I showed up at the Faster pits, and started talking to Brian and explained to him the issue I was having. His first response, ignition coils. He told me the easiest way to pull them out, so that is what I did. Not really knowing what to look for, I brought them back down to Faster and had Brian and Bart look at them. They noticed the small details that most would over-look. With assurance of this being the problem, I then needed to figure out how to get a replacement set. Once again Brian came thru BIG TIME. He called up Vickery, who had them in stock, and asked for them to be set aside. Luckily my mechanic was just about to leave Denver, and was able to pick them up on the way down. Again, without the help from Faster being track-side I may not have gotten back out to race. Thanks again to Faster Motosports.

After that fix, I wasn’t able to test until the next morning. Saturday practice went pretty well, as I was able to test out the bike and she was running strong. I just had my suspension rebuilt by Dave at He set up a softer spring rate with a thicker fluid. Unfortunately, I was unable to test on Friday so Dave came by and helped me during my Saturday practice. Huge props to Dave at Single Track Mind. He is very friendly to talk to, and can understand the lingo of the less intelligent. Its amazing how well a bike works with correct suspension settings. Thanks again Dave.

So, now it was on to the races. Race 1 was Middleweight Supersport. This is my hardest class of the weekend, and I just wanted to do my best and get comfortable. After a decent launch, I was able to pick off a couple riders and take my best finish for that class, which was a 16th. This put me in 16th overall for the points in MWSS. The bike felt great and the Michelin tires were super sticky, as always. Next race was Heavyweight Supersport. This has a smaller grid size, but still very competitive. I nailed the launch, but was out-powered going down the straight. After being late on the brakes, I tucked in around 10th position. I was stuck behind a GSXR 750, again being out-powered on all the straights. On the last lap, I made a decision out of frustration, and tried to pass on the inside of 7. Well, the rider took a tighter line then the previous 4 laps and pretty much shut the door on me. I grabbed too much front brake to avoid hitting him, and ended up in the dirt. Lesson learned, pass early and only when possible.

I spent the night with my mechanic Rick from 187-HAND working on my bike. There wasn’t a lot of damage, just the usual bent bars, broken rearsets, etc. My teammate David came thru letting be borrow some parts for my rearsets, and I was back in business, or at least the bike was. Realizing I had hit my hip harder then I thought, I headed over to see Bree at XBAM. She is the best when it comes to our physical body needing repair. She helped my back and neck so well, that the next day I didn’t even feel like I had crashed. I can’t thank Bree enough for all the trackside bodywork. She knows what she is doing, and once you experience it, you will wonder how you ever lived without such expert assistance. Thanks again Bree for coming thru time and time again, you are the best!

So, I started Saturday with Amateur GTU. I was gridded in 8th position overall, and had a pretty decent launch. Being late on the brakes, I think I was around 10th going into turn 1. I again managed to pick off a couple riders, and also get passed by a few as well. In the end, I finished in 8th place. I must admit, the Amateur class for this year is getting REALLY fast. This finish put me in 7th overall. Next race was Amateur GTO against the liter bikes. I was gridded in 5th overall and nailed the launch. I was in third heading down the straight, but was out-powered again. Very frustrating to have the bike pinned, and be getting passed by people who had a worse launch. I watched my teammate Ara pass by and hunt down the top guys. I finished in 9th which was a disappointment for myself. I am currently tied for 3rd place in Amateur GTO and hope to take a top 3 season championship. Next round is in Hastings, and with my new suspension and assistance from all my sponsors, I’m going to give it my all. Expect a better race report next week!

Thanks again for all the assistance from my team Young Blood Racing. Its great to have people in the pits that have your back. Also, thanks to my mechanic for keeping my bike up and running. Thanks to Brothers BBQ for the continued support in racing. Thanks to Motorex for the fluids that keep the bike going. Thanks to Faster Motosports for supporting me both at and away from the track. Thanks to Michelin for supplying the best tires possible. Thanks Bree at XBAM for helping me feel as young as I am. Thanks to Monster Energy for supplying the much needed drinks. Thanks to Vortex, Woodcraft, Chicken Hawk, and Powerstands Racing for all my parts. Big thanks to MotoNation for hooking up the best gear. It protects me time and time again, and trust me its much needed. Last but not least, special thanks to the MRA, corner workers, and all the other racers out there that make these weekends possible. It’s a great club, and even greater members. See you all in Hastings!!!