Casey Race Report
Race 1 Pueblo Colorado

Well, with this being the first race of the season, I knew just how important it would be to get to the front of the pack in each of my races. After racing last year as a novice, I was ready and anxious to step up to the world of expert racing.


Saturday weather could have been better. It started out with decent sun then the wind started blowing. I gridded up for my first expert race, being Middleweight Supersport. I was set up in Row 6 on the right. My first thought was get a good launch and work my way to the outside. This is advice I remember from Hoopty last year. However, the expert races are a little different. I had a pretty good launch, and got into turn one running about 4 bikes wide. Now, I’m used to this for turn 1, however when we got around to turn 2 and turn 3, I was amazed how we were still about 3 bikes wide. I almost went into the dirt on the exit of 2, but managed to put my head down and race. I finished 18th which was an OK way to start the season.


Second race was later in the day. This time it was Heavyweight Supersport. It’s a smaller grid then Middleweight, yet I knew it would be just as challenging. Now knowing what I was in for, I held on the gas a little longer and ended up in about 12 after starting from row 6. I was better prepared for the aggressive riding and felt much more comfortable. I was passed by a couple fast guys, then managed to also put a couple passes on some other racers. When the race ended, I was just happy to have finished. Right as I put my bike up on the stand, MRA president Glenn came by and said I needed to get the bike to tech. I didn’t understand at first, and then he said you finished 10th. All top 10 bikes in Supersport must be checked by tech after the race. I was more then happy to hear I was in Top 10 of an expert race. This built my confidence and got me more then ready for Sunday.


Sunday morning came quick, and was much warmer then Saturday. I was very thankful to see the sun. We started Amateur GTU just after lunch. This is the most important race for me, being 600cc bikes and an Amateur grid. I started row 3 middle. I was happy with this spot, and knew I could make it to the outside. After the light went off, everyone dove into turn 1. I again took Hootpy’s advice and headed to the outside. When we lined up through 1, I realized I was in about 8th place. I put my head down immediately and started to make passes. Once the white flag came out, I realized I was in 4th position. Slowly gaining on position 2 and 3, I was contemplating a possible pass on both of them. This is when I rounded turn 1 and found a lapper. Trying to go to the inside of him, I was almost taken out. Having to get off the gas, I was passed right away by 5th place (never even knew he was there). I got on his tail but was unable to make a pass. Finished in 5th and was satisfied with my riding.


Second race for Sunday was Amateur GTO. I wanted a top 5 finish and figured I could do that. When we got on pre-grid, I noticed last years AmO champ was on someone else’s bike. Turns out his liter bike wasn’t running, so he borrowed a friends 600cc. Wanting to take advantage of this, I took off on the warm-up lap as if it were the first lap of the race. I gridded up in row 5 middle, again wanting to get to the outside. After running the Supersport classes the day before, I felt much more comfortable with late braking into turn 1 after the start. When all the other riders started to brake, I just slid right passed about 10 people going into 1 late on the brakes. I was in about 6th place and started again to make passes. After about half the race, I found myself in 3rd, behind teammate Ara (#469) and none other then Hoopty himself. I felt like I was running a faster pace, but didn’t want to make a bad pass on my teammate, so I settled for 3rd. Again, very happy about the finish and now looking forward to Hastings.


So, once the racing was over Team Young Blood did very well. I was extremely happy with how the season started. I know this season is long, and this was only race 1. I needed to get to the front of the Amateur pack, and did it with ease. I found myself running faster then ever, at a very comfortable pace. I have to thank Vanmar Racing for hooking me up with the stickiest tires on the grid. They held up better then I could ask for. Also, big props to Faster Motosports for working on my suspension and having the bike running great. Thanks to Monster Energy for supplying endless amounts of Monster drinks and also for making some rounds through the pits to hook up fellow racers. Thanks to Bree at XBAM for helping my body feel as good as it possibly can. Thanks to Keith at Performance Imagery for coming out and snapping some amazing pictures. Also, big props to Chicken Hawk Racing for sending out a replacement unit overnight. Thanks to Motonation for supplying a sweet set of leathers and boots. Also thank Sharkskinz, Powerstands Racing, Vortex, Motorex, Woodcraft CFM, and LP, and of course my teammates Ara and David, and team mechanic Rick of Team Young Blood. Most of all, I want to thank Brothers BBQ for their continued support of roadracing and their assistance in helping us get to the track. This was a great way to start a long season. I know that you must not only be fast, but also consistant. I plan on top 5 for the rest of the Amateur races, and hope to grab a couple 1st place victories along the way. Next race is in Hastings NE, on Memorial weekend. Thanks again to everyone who supports me, both on and off the track. Also, big thanks to the MRA and all the riders!!!



Casey Dragos MRA #901
*Brothers BBQ*Monster Energy*Faster Motosports*XBAM*Performance Imagery*Vanmar*Vortex*
*Motorex*Spidi*Sidi*Sharkskinz*Chicken Hawk*Powerstands Racing*Lockhart Phillips*Woodcraft CFM*