Casey Race 9 Report

Race #9: PPIR - The Final Round

            With the season coming to a close at an unfamiliar track, I knew just what was ahead of myself and team Young Blood Racing. Having championship points on the line, the team got together and rode the prior weekend with Chicane Trackdays. We learned the layout and got some much needed time in before the actual race weekend. I was also able to work with Suspension Dave from He again helped me make the necessary changes for the new track. You are the MAN Dave!

            Saturday started off with cold and wet weather. Middleweight supersport started just as the rain began to fall. Unable to run rain tires in SS, I knew I would have to do my best on Michelin DOT’s. They stuck very well in the un-friendly climate. I managed to hold off 6th place overall bringing me to an 11th place season finish. Heavyweight supersport was the next race. I wanted to move up to 5th overall but was unable to when Chris Weed came back out for the PPIR round. I put my head down and ran the best I could. Beating Chris still didn’t get me enough points and I finished 6th overall in HWSS. Not a bad finish for my first year in the expert classes, and a great position for starting grid in the 09 season.

            Sunday looked much better then Saturday. I was pretty sore after two days of riding, and with all the left handers at this track I needed a lot of help. I headed to see Bree with XBAM. Time and time again, she has been able to make me feel better then I could ever imagine. I can’t say enough how great she can make you feel, and how that transfers directly to your riding on the track.

            For Amateur GTU, I was locked in to 5th place overall. I knew that as long as I finished strong I would hold the end of the year position. I got a great launch and ended up 6th for that race. This kept me in 5th overall which was satisfying after the last couple weeks of mechanical failure. In Amateur GTO, I had 5th place locked in with Gerri #317 close on my heals. If I could finish in front or directly behind him I would hold the 5th place overall for the season. As soon as Gerri passed, I did everything I could to stay on him. The race ended with a red flag, and I was in the position I wanted to be. Unfortunately, due to my teammate going down in that race, I was moved up into 4th overall. Not the way I wanted to move up, but like they say, it’s racing!!!

            With the 08 season finished, the 09 season has now begun. It’s going to be an even tougher battle next year as I will be running MWSS, HWSS, and the elite RORU class. Jumping to a newer 06 R6 (thanks HAMMER), I look forward to the battles that will take place next year. I plan to run with CCS in Phoenix during the off season, giving me time to dial in the new suspension. I look forward to being a top 3 contender in the Supersport classes and a top 10 rider in the RORU class.

            First, I would like to thank my teammates who helped me with every issue that popped up. You guys are top notch and I couldn’t ask for better teammates. Thanks to my personal mechanic Ricky with 187HAND for always being trackside. You kept me in there even when it looked impossible. Big thanks to Brothers BBQ for assisting us throughout the season. Thank you Faster Motosports for always coming through. You guys had my back all season, from trackside parts to having my coils driven in from Denver overnight just to make the following race day. Without your support the season would have been a mess. Thank you Bree at XBAM, you do wonderful work which is as much enjoyed as it is needed. Thank you Dave from Single Track Mind. I don’t know how you do it, but you make my bike faster every time you touch it. Thank you Monster Energy for always hooking us up with drinks for ourselves and the entire club. HUGE THANKS to Michelin and Vanmar Racing for supplying the stickiest tires that work time and time again. Thank you Chicken Hawk for sending warmers overnight to the track when I had a failure. Your products are bar none. Thanks to Motorex for the best lubricants, Vortex, Woodcraft, and Powerstands Racing for sponsoring me and assisting me during my race season. Thanks to Sharkskinz for the very durable bodywork. Big thanks to MotoNation for supplying Sidi and Spidi gear. I would be in much worse health without your leather protecting me. Last but not least, THANK YOU MRA. Between the staff, workers, board, and members this is by far the best club that someone could race with. Also, thanks to any racer who has helped me in any way. From lending a tool, to giving advice, the racers in this club are always there to help, even when you are their competition.

            In conclusion, 2008 was about everything I could ask for. Next year I will have a newer, more competitive bike and I’m ready to step up to another level of racing. I look forward to the opening of HPR, the full return of PPIR, and all the challenges brought forth by racing in general. Next year, Young Blood Racing is going to bring the best team that this club has seen. Between dedication and skill, we will be recognized in 2009 as not only another club level team, but as a team people admire and can look up to.


From myself, on behalf of Young Blood Racing, see you all next season!


Casey Dragos MRA #901
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