Casey Race 8 Report

Pueblo Race 8 September 21st and 22nd

           After a rough race #7, I was really hoping to come back and make up for lost points. With the goal of obtaining top 5 championships in 3 different classes, I knew I had my work cut out for me. We packed up Friday afternoon and headed to < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Pueblo for what the weather was predicting to be a beautiful weekend.

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            Saturday morning practice starts off going great. Trying to resolve my power issues from the previous week, I had already replaced my clutch, spark plugs, disconnected power commander, and rewired my ignition. After a test drive around the neighborhood everything seemed to work fine. I made it through morning practice feeling great and ready for my races. Middleweight Supersport was the first race of the day. I got a decent launch but within 2 laps noticed the lack of power issue had resumed. DAMN-IT I screem in my helmet as I exit the race early. With not much time before Heavyweight, we tried everything to get her ready. No luck, I headed out to Heavyweight Supersport on my teammate Erik’s bike #611. I knew he had a race immediately after so I completed two laps (just enough for last place points) and headed back in. Another disappointing day.


            After a night of working on the bike, we decided to replace the fuel pump with a borrowed tank from Sheila #333 who once again came thru with parts. I ran morning practice on pump gas and felt really good. With confidence behind me, and knowing I really needed points for my Amateur classes, I put on some fresh new rubber from Michelin and got ready for lunch. Right after lunch, we start Amateur GTU. Very excited holding 6th overall, I needed to capitalize on points and move up to the 5th place spot. I got a great launch and landed behind point leaders Jason #213 and Gerri #317. I tried to keep on their pace, but slowly watched them check away. After the cross-flags, I was passed by teammate Ara #469. I followed him til the checker flag and we walked away with 3rd and 4th place. Next race was Amateur GTO. I was holding 5th in this class with the possibility of making 3rd overall. I had a great launch and found myself in 3rd behind Doug #121 and Gerri #317. Looking back I had a great gap over 4th place. Excited for my second podium finish of the season, I was unfortunately faced with the returning power issue. By cross flags, I had dropped back into 10th. The bike wouldn’t get over 6K RPM’s. Just trying to get as many points as possible, I continue on. By the white flag, my bike was dead and I was left stranded in turn 4, watching points disappear with every passer-by. Unable to finish, I get last place points just above my teammate who also fell to the same power issue.


            After getting back to the track, we realize just what the problem had been. Apparently known by some, the VP fuel we were using was contaminated. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what was floating in my fuel. It was a very tough lesson with even tougher consequences. I now am faced with a battle for points to hold onto top 5 in my 3 classes. We head to PPIR next, and I’m ready to give it my all. Taking a motto from my teammate that he used last year, its time to “GO BIG OR GO HOME”. See you all in 2 weeks!