Casey's Bio   #901 

2008 MRA 

Bike- 2003 Yamaha R6

Classes- Amateur GTU

      Amateur GTO

      Middleweight Supersport

      Heavyweight Supersport

Racing since- 2007


Age- 25 

After a couple years of riding on the street, Ara and I decided that we should probably start racing on the track. We had a lot of triple digit speeds up in the canyons, and it was just getting a little too dangerous. So we sold our street bikes and hit the track. We both purchased 99 R6's and started our novice year with the MRA. 

In 2007, I managed to get my bike around the track fast enough to finish top 3 in Novice GTU. It was a great learning bike, and now I am going to step it up with the experts in 2008 on a 03 Yamaha R6. Its going to be a tough season, and I'm ready to give it everything I have. I know that the Amateur Classes will be a great challenge for myself, and I plan to end the season at the top.