Ara Race report RD 6



With a rough week due to a crash at Monday’s practice while I was getting things ready for the weekend I really wasn’t ready for the weekend; thanks to Chris and the guys up at Woody’s Wheel Works I was able to get my rear rim bent back just in time to head out of Denver Friday. Trying not to stress myself out I remember a quote my mother sent me earlier in the week "Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal. Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of opportunity when it occurs.'" Mario Andretti.


Day 1

After working with Dave from Single Track Mind I headed out for second practice taking it easy in the morning to insure everything was working correct on the bike; I felt confident in the bike and was ready to race. Starting my first race Novice GTU 2nd overall in the front row I had a great launch taking the whole shoot. Rocky Mountain Kawasaki teammate Gerry and I swapped positions over 8 times in the first 6 laps. Unfortunately, on the last lap I made a mental mistake while passing lap traffic and had to straighten the bike up and run off the track not able to hold the bike up in the dirt I ended the race in 16th. As I arrived back into the pits Jason Leleck, Dave VanDeWeert, and my mechanic Ricky were there to help get the bike back and ready to race for my final race of the day. Thanks guys!!! I couldn’t have made it happen without your help.  Starting the next race Novice GTO 5th overall on the 2nd row; I had a good launch ending up in second position right behind Rocky Mountain Kawasaki teammate Gerry again. Following him for the first couple laps I decided to take it easy and bring home a second place finish for the day. Later that night I went over the bike with mechanic Ricky making sure the small things were ready for the races the next day.


Day 2

With only 2 practices in the morning I wanted to make sure I got every minute I could on the track before my first race of the day came in the afternoon. Starting Amateur GTU 9th overall in the 3rd row, I had an average launch as normal and I came into the first turn in 7th position. Working extremely hard during the first couple laps I quickly moved into 3rd position only to give one position back on the final lap. At that point I realized that I’m currently not in the top 5 overall I was content in 4th position. (It’s better to finish then not) The Final races of the weekend were my most important in my eyes. Armature GTO I started 3rd overall in the front row I had a terrible launch dropping back 4 positions. Once again battling my way up the field throughout the race I finally ended the race in 4th, again earning very valuable points in the goal to end the year on top of the box (being in the top 3).


I would like to personally thank Casey and Ricky for all of their help during the week getting the bike back together for the weekend. HUGE thanks to Brothers BBQ for all their support this season. Thanks to Ricky at 187HAND for making sure our bikes are ready to race after every race. Thanks to Faster Motosports for always helping out even checking on me when times were tough. Bart always there to give me valuable advice and a BIG thanks to Vanmar/Michelin Racing!! Mark time and time again I think to myself how glad I am to have Michelin as a sponsor. Rocky Mountain Kawasaki for the great support this year. ,The Sports Authority  – for all the sponsorship support to help make all this happen!! Motorex Oil, Power Stands Racing, Vortex Racing, Motonation (Sidi Boots), Regina, Fuel clothing, Hot Bodies Racing, VP Fuel, and 12 VOLT Tavern – thank you for all the racing sponsorship and support through out the year. 


Ara Maranian | MRA 469