Ara Race report RD 5


Round 5 Hasting, Nebraska  

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Unfortunately things didn’t go as expected, but overcoming problems is more gratifying in the end. Getting ready for the race weekend I noticed that my rim had a crack and was leaking air; not having enough time for repairs we had to change back to the original stock rim. Heading out Friday for practice, but not arriving in time to get out for test and tune there would only be Saturday morning to get the bike dialed in. Moving from a 16.5 inch rim to a 17 inch rim requires some small changes that need to be done with the suspension


Day 1


Morning practice didn’t go as well as expected; with bad weather coming in and closing the track and only one round of practice prior to the Novice GTU (600cc) race. Starting 3rd over all in the front row; having a good launch diving into turn 1 in 2nd position, still trying to get comfortable with the new front tire and the change I didn’t want to over push myself and crash. I finished the race in 2nd place.  Coming off the track noticing that I hadn’t used the edge of the tire I immediately headed over to talk to Mark with Vanmar/Michelin Racing. After talking with Mark and making NO changes to my bike except for mechanic Ricky noticing my bike had a hose clamp that had snapped and was leaking water wetter (thanks Ricky!). I headed out for my 2nd race of the day Novice GTO (1000cc) starting in 7th over all in the 3rd row; I had a great launch diving into turn 1 in 3rd position. Realizing that the leader Gerry also Rocky Mountain Kawasaki teammate was starting to get away I immediately took 2nd position by the 4th turn and put my head down and started riding hard. By the 2nd lap I had made up ground and had Gerry directly in front of me. Following him for the next couple of laps strategizing my pass to see where I am faster than him and vise versa. With 2 laps to go I made my move and took the lead putting the fastest lap time down in the following 2 laps and adding a 2 second lead by the end of the race. Arriving back in the pits; after my cool down lap I met my team and the team Michelin first. THANKS MARK for the advice, confidence is a big part of this game.


Day 2


Once again morning practice didn’t go as well as expected; with making a small mistake looking so far out of a turn and running off the inside of the track. (It would be nice to have some inside outside curbing). The first race of the day Amateur GTU (600cc) I started in 10th overall in the 4th row. Not having the greatest launch I went into turn one in 10th position slowly moving up in the race to end in 7th right behind teammate Casey Dragos. Following the race mechanic Ricky and I checked out my Rocky Mountain Kawasaki to insure that everything was working and we had no more leaks. The last race of the day came at the end of the day Amateur GTO. Holding 5th overall starting in the 2nd row I had a good launch diving into turn one in 5th position. Working extremely hard during the race I moved up 2 positions ending in 3rd; after a long weekend I was very happy with this ending results.


I’d like to thank everyone that made this weekend a success: first off to Team Young Blood Racing and mechanic Ricky with 187 Hand makes it easier for me to focus on the race track because I know he has looked over my bike insuring that everything is in riding condition THANKS RICKY you’re a huge part of this seasons success!! Vanmar/Michelin Racing Mark not only are the tires the best on the grid but in a stressful moment for me you helped me realize that the tires are big but I should  ride like I ride and I overcome this obstacles, X-Bam – Bree your AMAZING, have only been working with you for the past year and have I been able to have more range of motion in my neck then ever before thanks again Bree! Faster MotorSports Bart, Brian, Mike and Clint thanks for all the ongoing support on and off the race track. Form the motor teardown to just plain good advice whenever I need it. Rocky Mountain Kawasaki – allowing me to ride on a great team and show what I can do with a great green machine Brother BBQ, ,The Sports Authority  – for all the sponsorship support to help make all this happen!! Monster Energy – thanks for coming down and supporting the entire team through the past year. Motorex Oil, Power Stands Racing, Vortex Racing, Motonation (Sidi Boots), Regina, Fuel clothing, Hot Bodies Racing, VP Fuel, and 12 VOLT Tavern – thank you for all the racing sponsorship and support through out the year. 


Next Round August 9 Pueblo, CO