Ara Race 4

Round 4 Pueblo, Colorado


 With everything coming together last minute after a transmission rebuild and motor refresh, teammate Casey and I headed out to pueblo a day early to make sure everything was running right before the race weekend ahead. I immediately had overheating issues due to the radiator; I sat the rest of the day in hopes that Mechanic Ricky would be able to find one locally in Denver. Sure enough Ricky came through and we changed out the radiator that night when he got into town.


Day 1

With a couple of practices in the morning I was feeling confident that the new radiator solved the problem. My first race of the day came Novice GTU (600cc) 2nd after lunch. Holding 4th overall I started in the second row and I had a great launch (thanks Bart for the tip!) diving into turn 1 in 2nd position. On the 3rd lap a bolt came loose from my foot peg thus not allowing me to down shift with my foot; not realizing exactly what was going on until 2 laps later I went around the track in 5th gear finally using my hand to down shift coming off the front strait, blocking the inside line until the end of the race. This race was a huge success for me finishing in 2nd, gaining very valuable points towards a championship.

Race 2 that day, Novice GTO (1000cc) starting 10th position 4th row in I had another great launch diving into turn 1 in 3rd poison Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Teammate Gerry Signorelli had taken the hole shot and took advantage. By the 4th turn I was in second position, but Gerry had a very large lead. Putting my head down for the next 4 laps I ran the fastest times of the race and I beat my own track best getting down to 1 minute 36 seconds. At this point I was right where I wanted to be and thought to myself he has no clue I’m even here I will pick him off on the last lap. Hard lesson to learn, the next lap we started to hit lappers and he had the advantage leading. Although I thought I might still be able to get by him on the last turn I was just a bike length to short. Still very pleased with a 2nd place finish and very confident after reeling him in running the fastest I’d run in a race.


Day 2

With only 2 practices in the morning and my first race being the 2nd after lunch again; there was a little down time. After going over my Rocky Mountain Kawasaki ZX-6R to make sure we didn’t have any random loose bolts, I watch a couple races one being LOR (Ladies Of the Rockies), a new class for female riders featuring teammate Jennifer Hom races in. Amateur GTU (600cc) being the first race of my day, starting the race in 9th position n 3 row I had another unbelievable launch diving into turn 1 in 2nd position. Once again Rocky Mountain Teammate Gerry Signorelli was right in front of me, on the third lap Jason Madama (Hammer) came on the inside of me in turn 4, then he passed Gerry on the next corner. As I was planning my pass on Gerry coming into turn 1 I missed a shift hitting a false neutral; having to stand the bike up to get back into gear I road around turn 1 in 5th gear and took a very aggressive line in turn 2 so no one would pass me. As the white flag came out indicating the last lap I looked behind me on the front strain seeing Jason Leleck only a bike length behind me. Running my fastest lap for that race I managed to pull a full corner lead on him by the checkered flag, taking a third place finish my lap time was the second fastest overall behind Hammer..

Race 2 that day, Amateur GTO (1000cc) starting in 10th position 4th row I didn’t have the best launch diving into turn 1 in 10th position with Teammate Casey Dragos directly in front of me. Following Casey around who has very similar lines around the track made it hard for me to pass him and I knew I could only try and pass him on the brakes in turn 1. With lap traffic coming into play I managed to pull a couple of more guy in and pass them sitting in 4th with Jason Leleck in front of me again and only 4 turns left to try and pass I ended up having a better drive out of turn 7 and was late on the brakes in 8 passing him for 3rd position ending the weekend with all Podium finishes.


Once again I’d like to thank everyone that helped me to have a successful weekend. First off thanks to my team Young Blood Racing for all the support, and Ricky with 187 Hand for always helping out not only in the pits but also with the takedown and rebuild of my bike. The Guys at Faster MotorSports I can’t thank you enough Brian, Mike, Clint, Nick, and Bart I can’t thank you enough for all the help these last couple of weeks  you came through big for me, thanks for all the help and advice. Also Justin with Justin Myer Racing thanks for all the help with the teardown and rebuild, there would have been no way I could have done it without your help and knowledge!!! Vanmar/Michelin Racing – Mark and Tammy what unbelievably sticky tires NOT ONCE did I ever feel my tires slide around unless I made them. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t go with the best tires on the paddock. Thanks again for all the HELP! Rocky Mountain Kawasaki – for the unbelievable support and acquiring me on the team this year. Brother BBQ, ,The Sports Authority  – for all the sponsorship support to help make all this happen!! .  X-BAM (Xtreme Bike Action Massage) – Bree once again you came through, not only track side massages but when I was bitten unexpectedly by a dog as well. THANKS!!! Monster Energy – thanks for coming down and supporting the entire team through the past year. Motorex Oil, Power Stands Racing, Vortex Racing, Motonation (Sidi Boots), Regina, Fuel clothing, Hot Bodies Racing, VP Fuel, and 12 VOLT Tavern – thank you for all the racing sponsorship and support through out the year. 


Next round Hastings Nebraska July 12th-13th



Ara Maranian

MRA #469