2008 Final Standings

Overall Positions for Team Young Blood: 

Ara Maranian #469

Novice GTU: 2nd Place Championship

Novice GTO: 2nd Place Championship

Amateur GTU: 8th Place

Amateur GTO: 6th Place


Casey Dragos #901

Amateur GTU: 5th Place Championship

Amateur GTO: 4th Place Championship

Middleweight Supersport: 11th Place

Heavyweight Supersport: 6th Place


David Mobley #178

Novice GTU: 6th Place

Novice GTO: 7th Place


 Erik Cromer #611

Amateur GTU: 10th Place

Amateur GTO: 9th Place


Jennifer Hom #888

Ladies of the Rockies: 4th Place Championship

Sportsman: 10th Place


Kate Tinworth #999

Ladies of the Rockies: 18th Place

Sportsman: 15th Place